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Build Strength. Build Character. Build your future with LCU.
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Clinical mental health counseling students share their stories.

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I was promoted after starting this program.

Christian Garcia, MS in Human Services

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Christian Garcia, LCU alumnus, MS in Human Services
A program that accounts for my whole person.

Michelle Smith, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

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Michelle Smith, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Build Strength. Build Character. Build your future with LCU.

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Lubbock Christian University
The LCU Difference

Paula Bibbs
I chose the online program at LCU for the flexibility. Simply being online was what I needed to be able to be there with my family, go to the different things that my children go to and support them in their activities. So online was the best choice.

Mark Revilla
When I started here, I started working through the classes and making new relationships and because of it, it changed my life in a way that now I have a job that I love, and that I’m passionate about, and I can honestly say it  would not be possible without the education that I received here, at Lubbock Christian University. 

Beverly Hoffman
I would advise anyone who’s considering this program to look at it seriously. It’s a fantastic program. It is well worth the time and the effort and the money and the rewards go way past earning the degree.

Mark Revilla
I think the thing that I liked most about it was, it was as close as you could to being in a classroom without actually being in a classroom.

Dr. Beth Robinson
I think I was really astonished at how open students were online and how much I really got to know my students on a personal basis.

Cindy Therwhanger
The interaction with the faculty was very good on the online program. I’ve attended online classes with other universities and the interaction isn’t always there and constant but with LCU communication was consistent.

Mark Revilla
I just cannot say enough about everything that this university has given me and I will always be appreciative of that.

Dr. Beth Robinson
I would tell students who are considering our program that this will challenge you in ways that you don’t expect. It will challenge you personally. It will challenge you spiritually. It will challenge you academically. But it will prepare you to the best professional in the field. It will change your life.

Lubbock Christian University

The Online Experience

The Online Experience

LCU Supports Students Academically,
Spiritually, and Personally

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