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Lubbock Christian University Lowers Online Undergrad Tuition By 15 Percent

Students completing their bachelor of science online get financial relief

(July 22, 2013) — Lubbock Christian University today announced a 15 percent reduction in tuition costs for online bachelor completion programs in Organizational Management and Organizational Leadership. The reduction was made to make programs more accessible and provide opportunities in today's volatile economic environment.

"We recognize there are many challenges to completing a bachelor level degree and want to provide programs that are accessible. We hope this change will motivate people to complete their bachelor's degree so they are set up for success in today's world," said Brad Rogers, Program Chair for the bachelor's degrees in Organizational Management and Organizational Leadership.

LCU's Online Undergrad Programs

Steeped in Christian principles, values and lessons, Lubbock Christian University offers two online undergraduate degree-completion programs, as well as two online graduate degree programs, to help busy professionals gain the credentials they need to get ahead.

The two online bachelor completion degrees are:

  • Organizational Management
    This online program helps students gain a broader perspective of the workings of organizations, and how to help improve systems and processes.
  • Organizational Leadership
    In this online program, the "human" side of business is emphasized in an effort to help students become effective, ethical leaders.

Visit us online at to learn more about earning your bachelor's degree online at Lubbock Christian University or call 877-307-5894 to speak to an adviser.

About Lubbock Christian University

Lubbock Christian University was founded in 1957 by members of the Churches of Christ to prepare men and women for Christian service to their families, churches, and communities throughout their lives. They believe their Christian commitment is compatible with the search for truth and academic exploration.

LCU strives to bring the small-school atmosphere of their campus to the online environment with small class sizes and a supportive environment that challenges students to think critically, communicate openly and honestly, and fulfill their potential for service to others. Core values include faith in God, the value of every member of the Lubbock Christian University family, continuous improvement, and team spirit. Faculty is dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarship, service, and to their role as models of Christian living.