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Human Services Career Outlook
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Human Services Career Outlook

The online Master of Science in Human Services (MSHS) is a versatile degree with applications across a broad spectrum of career fields. You can match your calling to serve others to the many facets of the online MSHS curriculum to prepare for a fulfilling career in a number of industries.

One Passion – Many Ways to Serve

With a Human Services degree, there are many rewarding professions you can pursue where you will have the opportunity to focus your professional life on helping others and making a difference. This is a wonderful career path for those who are passionate about helping people and are seeking an occupation that will fulfill both their mind and spirit.

The Labor Statistics Bureau expects the number of working Social and Community Service Managers to grow by 21% in the coming years. This growing workforce, and the communities they are committed to serve, must be managed and led by those with the skills and leadership experience you'll gain in the online MSHS. These positions are not only in high demand, but are personally rewarding – driving many who feel compelled to servant leadership to pursue their calling with an advanced degree in human services.

In many Human Services career paths, having an advanced degree is beneficial:

Social and Human Service Case Managers: This career is an excellent choice for someone who enjoys working with people and helping them solve problems they may encounter with their physical and mental health, economic stability, or children and family issues. While a bachelor’s degree can get you started in the field as a case worker, many employers specifically seek candidates with a master’s degree to direct or manage their organization’s case management system. Hospitals, government bodies, and non-profit organizations need graduates with advanced skills in facilitating initiatives, goals and objectives; building and maintaining liaisons with local, state and federal resources; and providing general oversight within case management.

Health Educators and Community Health Case Workers: Health workers aim to improve population health in a variety of settings, including the government, hospitals, non-profit organizations, and other health systems. They teach their communities about or collect data about all areas of health, from engaging in healthy lifestyle habits to preventing communicable diseases. While a bachelor’s degree will often qualify you for entry and mid-level jobs, employers seek candidates with advanced degrees like an MSHS to fill advanced and senior roles that build teams and coalitions, serve their communities, and communicate results.

Here are many other popular careers among Human Services Degree graduates:

  • Child, Family, and School Case Workers
  • Clergy
  • Community and Social Service Specialists
  • Community Health Case Workers
  • Corrections Worker
  • Directors, Religious Activities and Education
  • Health Educators
  • Healthcare Case Managers
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Case Managers
  • Rehabilitation Case Managers
  • Religious Workers

Networking Organizations Available to Graduates

Individuals who obtain a master’s in human services may be interested in a variety of professional organizations such as:

A number of regional human services organizations and associations also exist across the United States and are a great ways for graduates to network and grow their career.

Learn more about how the MSHS program helps you fulfill your calling to serve others. Call 877-307-5894 to speak to an advisor right away or request more information.