Master of Science in Human Services:
Classes and Course Descriptions


To earn the Master of Science in Human Services online, you must successfully complete 22 credit hours of study in the program core plus 15-21 hours depending on your chosen specialization:


Program Core (22 credit hours)

HSC 6141 Christian Worldview in Family Education Students will examine the impact of a Christian worldview on individual and family beliefs, interaction, and structure. Consideration will be given to the role of a Christian perspective in family education.


HSC 6304 Organizational Leadership Students will explore leadership in both the personal and organizational contexts, with emphasis on the latest trends and models from administration, organization, and leadership theory.


HSC 6309 Crisis Intervention This course is a study of crisis in the multiple setting with emphasis on appropriate behaviors and responses. Students will learn about applied therapeutic interventions in general and crisis intervention, along with strategies to alleviate crisis and deal with crisis aftermath.


HSC 6310 Social Development of Individuals and Families The course examines similarities and differences in conceptions of behavior throughout the lifespan, with an emphasis on individual development in the context of the family.


HSC 6323 Family Systems The course is an extensive introduction to the concepts of family systems theory and its applications to family, church, and ministry.


HSC 6332 Helping Professions and Public Policy The course covers public policy, legal, and ethical issues related to families with an emphasis on marriage, divorce, custody, adoption, juvenile rights, malpractice, courtroom testimony, competence, and wills and estates.


HSC 6333 Ethics in the Helping Professions Students will study ethical decision making in helping professions with an emphasis on understanding ethical codes within those professions.


HSC 6334 Conflict Resolution This course is a survey of theory and research in conflict resolution with an emphasis on developing practical skills to help families and organizations resolve conflicts.




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