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Industry Resource Center

Welcome to the LCU industry resource center. Here you will find information on trends in each field and discover the benefits of earning a degree or certificate online. We hope you find this information useful and instructional as you embark on this exciting educational journey.

The Online Advantage

Your life. Your degree. Your way.

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Lubbock Christian University
Online Benefits

Beverly Hoffman
I chose LCU’s online program to complete my degree because it worked with my family’s schedule and being able to work full-time and continue my college education.

Mark Revilla
I needed something that was flexible, that I could continue to go to class but still continue to do my job. My job requires me to work a lot of different hours and the online program and Lubbock Christian University was perfect for me because it allowed me to still get that quality education and that classroom feel, but I could still do my job and not feel like I was neglecting either one.

Paula Bibbs
I chose the online program at LCU for the flexibility. Simply being online was what I needed to be able to be there with my family, go to the different things that my children go to and support them in their activities. So online was the best choice.

Mark Revilla
I think the thing that I liked most about it was, it was as close as you could to being in a classroom without actually being in a classroom, and that’s something that I can really appreciate.

Lubbock Christian University

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Health and Human Services

Health and human services professionals help people, organizations, or government agencies with specific issues such as: aging population needs, intercultural communication, behavioral services, policies, health and human services leadership, conflict resolution, and more.

Human Services

Mental Health

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