Human Services Industry Update


The Difference Between Public and Private Sources of Funding in Human Services

Conducting research for public and private grants is a key aspect of a human services position. Securing grants can mean the success or failure for an organization's projects and it is the role of the human services manager to examine and determine the optimal funding option.

Family Life Educator as a Profession

Conflict and stress are part of the normal outcome when several unique individuals – parents, grandparents, children, siblings and others – live together, but when everyday conflicts threaten to escalate into a crisis, the time may be right to call in the services of a Certified Family Life Educator.

A Checklist for Entering a Master's Degree Program Online

There are many aspects to consider when choosing an online master's degree program. Not only do students need to identify their career goals and take into account the format of the program they are interested in, but also potential financial factors. Ensuring the value of the degree program is important to ensure it meets your long-term goals, and individual needs.

Should I Get My Degree in Human Services or Counseling?

Deciding to return to school can be one of the biggest decisions a person will make in his or her life. Determining the right degree can be just as challenging.

What Does a Master of Science in Human Services Have to Offer?

Graduates with a Human Services master’s degree have an array of career opportunities at their fingertips. Often those who pursue this degree have a deep desire to help others. They find themselves working directly with people or working to promote social change with a broad perspective in mind.